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Teehee I was 17 last I wrote this now Im 21, how time goes by. Anyway welcome to my livejournal where I will post more official downloads (stuff that I've actually bothered to label) so yeah enjoy the pictures and nab some goodies.

Peace and virtual cookies for all

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Face Caterpillars - Eyebrows

Been on a recent Eyebrow kick lately, so here are 9 sets I think are quite nice. Individual downloads coming up and a download all at the end.

Firstly they come in 5 colours:

Feel free to recolor them into other colours if you like, and they don't come in grey elder which thinking about it now Im quite dissapointed about. Aw well.


Re-Uploaded Americas and thank you!

Firstly thanks so much for all the lovely comments i've recieved! It makes me want to keep making more stuff :D

Besides that some people mentioned that in the Virtual Insanity Assorted Skintones set the Americas file was broken, so I've re-uploaded the whole set aswell as putting a seperate download for Americas up.

I was also asked whether for the Sunshine, Strawberry and Babydew skins worked for all ages, and yes they do, I was in a rush getting everything up and forgot to mention that, they all use Rensims teeth aswell if that helps.

Skeleton, Balm, and Chisled Make-up

Here is some random make-up including 2 lip sets and an eyeliner set. Feel free to edit anything in any way you like.

Skeleton Boy lips, these are propably my favourite lips at the moment, and detail and shape of them are just so pretty, both models shown are male so you can see how they will easily work for both genders. I think the alpha for this came from Pooklet but I edited it to extend the shape and definition. The lighter tones will likely not look good on dark skins.


I made these recently because i just wanted a really soft balmy lip, they are not as detailed as Skeleton Boy but they have a lovely plump sheen to them.


I don't think the preview looks very good, but they look nice on sims however. I made these eyeliners because I needed a better range of shapes on an alpha that frames the eye well, I don't know the technical name for it but these eyeliners, save for the Kohl tone, all have that curve of skin built in that goes between your eye sclera and bottom eyelashes, so eyes look more realistic.


Window Seat, Superstition, and Broken Space Eyes

3 sets of eyes for you, I know some of these have been included in some of my sims. Window Seat and Broken Space I’ve been keeping for awhile, but they’re pretty enough to upload, Superstition is a brand new eye and there is a buttload of colours, more natural tones than fantasy. The Scleras im pretty sure began as Anva but i've probably edited them slightly.




Credit List
As well as being made from photographs they have also been hand drawn, Broken Space is part blended with Enayla eyes.


Sunshine, Babydew and Strawberry Skins

Again, the previews will suck, but here are 3 more sets of skintones, all light tones. I’ve realised that the pale skintones I have made in the past have always been really pale, blue and yellow toned. So for this I wanted to make some more natural light skins, so the strawberry skins are more pinky toned, the sunshine skins are slightly tanned but not ridiculous orange, and the Babydew skins are neutral. So hopefully these will fit peoples taste more. Feel free to edit these skins in any way you like.

These skins work for all ages, and they use Rensims teeth.





Credit List


Virtual Insanity Assorted Skintones

Hello! Apologies for still being late with uploading all the goods, i've been abit lazy and putting things off. But here is the start of everything to come.

This is a set of 14 random skinblends, some of my favourites that i've made over time, you will probably recognive a few of them because they have been uploaded with sims for the few of you that have some of my sims. I would suggest that if you do already have any of these skintones in your game to delete those from this download because the names have changed and you might end up with clones. Apologies for being so unorganised.

The colours range from very pale almost purple tones to pinks, peaches, golden and biscuit coloured skins. 3 of the skins also have freckles on them. Because these skins are quite randomly made I know that not all of them work for all ages, if this bothers you so much then feel free to edit anything anyway you like; but I mostly just wanted to share these skins with whoever might find a use for them.

The ingame pictures suck abit because I havent had time to take pictures of sims make-up less, but you get the idea of how they look on.

Credit List:

EDIT: for some reason initially Americas didn't show up in the download, so I've re-uploaded the files, you can either download everything again using the main link, or just get Americas seperatly here



Still Alive

Hello all, hope your all well. Just wanted to update that I am still alive and making cc for the sims, and that I do sometimes check back here. College is a bitch and I just get generally too lazy to upload things. Im much slower to reply to messages here though so if you need a quick reply your better off messaging me at GoS.
Anyhoo I haven't uploaded anything in ages and I feel kinda crappy about that so im working on doing a huge upload of all the things ive been meaning to share since about last year. The one thing that I have been uploading however is my sims to my Mediafire account (Link on this page somewhere) that get requested, so they will have some new cc on them if your interested.

Thats about it really, peace :)
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A Guy and a Girl

Wow I really suck at regular uploads here, so anyways today I bring you 2 sims i've recently showed off at GoS, Yuvie and Scottie, they've been requested a few times and they have some new cc people seem to like, so yeah

Yuvie CC:

Brows by dm (not quite sure who this creator is but thats what is says in the simspack)
Eyes by me, blended of Enayla and this photo
Eyeliner by me, blended of probably Ephemera and an edit of Peggys 3D lashes found at simscve
Lipstick by me, blended of Enayla and RenK (@GoS) 
Eyeshadow by me, blended of ZombieJill and Glance
Face Make-up by Pooklet and Rensim
Skintone blend by me
Hair colour by Pooklet, mesh by Markos
Dress probably found at Simscave

All meshes included,


Scottie CC:

Eyebrows by Simple Life
Eyes by me, same as Yuvie
Eyeliner by E-studio
Freckles by Corvidophile
Stubble by Simple Life
Face make-up (eyebrows and eyelid) by me using Simple Life blush and Chaz skintone
Blush edited by me, original Paryun
Face make-up by Simple Life, Vivian
Lips by Pooklet
Sideburns by E13-1
Piercings b Rensim
Skintone blend by me, (using Glance, Jirka, Ephemera, Rensim)
Hair mesh by RaonSims
Top by Aikea-guinea
Trousers by Fishie, mesh Aikea-guinea

All meshes included



I'll Bake You A Cake

Hey people, hope everyone's good. Today I finally bring 3 new skintones that have had way too much time spent on them, and for anyone who saw me post pictures at GoS in the Creations thread the skintones have changed quite a lot since then (see those pics were purely from photoshop, and in game I wasnt too pleased)

Right so there is 3 different skins each a different colour, so if you want to recolor a certain skin be my guest and ill send you the original .bmp files because im too lazy to make several colours of each skin right now. All skins have been run through SimPE to avoid ugly pixelation and all skins are just over 1mb, so nice and light for your downloads folder. These skins are for all ages and genders including correct EF body, BFM and PFM faces.

Anyways mega credit, thanks and apologies to the following creators that i've used in these blends:
Ephemera, Enayla, Rensim, Chaz, Jirka, Pooklet, ShojoAngel, i think thats it but poke me if you recognise anyone else in them.

In Game Pictures (no photoshop or make-up except eyebrows of course) :

First up, Vanilla Pod which is the lightest tone, and probably my favourite pale tone so far, and for anyone who wondered, Yes i am incapable of making natural fair skintones :P This skin has very lightly pink cheeks, but not so much the "boy wash that make-up off your face now!" sort.

Next is Toffee Banoffee which id like to say im very happy with the tone of this one, shiny and deeply tanned.

Lastely Rasberry Chocolate which is a warm dark colour, actually I barely changed the tone from Rensims original, just abit darker, i've kept the slight pinky cheeks from her skintones also.

Body Pictures? Nope not this time, but bodies are a smooth conconction of Rensim, Ephemera, Enayla and Pooklet.