August 20th, 2009


I'll Bake You A Cake

Hey people, hope everyone's good. Today I finally bring 3 new skintones that have had way too much time spent on them, and for anyone who saw me post pictures at GoS in the Creations thread the skintones have changed quite a lot since then (see those pics were purely from photoshop, and in game I wasnt too pleased)

Right so there is 3 different skins each a different colour, so if you want to recolor a certain skin be my guest and ill send you the original .bmp files because im too lazy to make several colours of each skin right now. All skins have been run through SimPE to avoid ugly pixelation and all skins are just over 1mb, so nice and light for your downloads folder. These skins are for all ages and genders including correct EF body, BFM and PFM faces.

Anyways mega credit, thanks and apologies to the following creators that i've used in these blends:
Ephemera, Enayla, Rensim, Chaz, Jirka, Pooklet, ShojoAngel, i think thats it but poke me if you recognise anyone else in them.

In Game Pictures (no photoshop or make-up except eyebrows of course) :

First up, Vanilla Pod which is the lightest tone, and probably my favourite pale tone so far, and for anyone who wondered, Yes i am incapable of making natural fair skintones :P This skin has very lightly pink cheeks, but not so much the "boy wash that make-up off your face now!" sort.

Next is Toffee Banoffee which id like to say im very happy with the tone of this one, shiny and deeply tanned.

Lastely Rasberry Chocolate which is a warm dark colour, actually I barely changed the tone from Rensims original, just abit darker, i've kept the slight pinky cheeks from her skintones also.

Body Pictures? Nope not this time, but bodies are a smooth conconction of Rensim, Ephemera, Enayla and Pooklet.