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A Guy and a Girl

Wow I really suck at regular uploads here, so anyways today I bring you 2 sims i've recently showed off at GoS, Yuvie and Scottie, they've been requested a few times and they have some new cc people seem to like, so yeah

Yuvie CC:

Brows by dm (not quite sure who this creator is but thats what is says in the simspack)
Eyes by me, blended of Enayla and this photo
Eyeliner by me, blended of probably Ephemera and an edit of Peggys 3D lashes found at simscve
Lipstick by me, blended of Enayla and RenK (@GoS) 
Eyeshadow by me, blended of ZombieJill and Glance
Face Make-up by Pooklet and Rensim
Skintone blend by me
Hair colour by Pooklet, mesh by Markos
Dress probably found at Simscave

All meshes included,


Scottie CC:

Eyebrows by Simple Life
Eyes by me, same as Yuvie
Eyeliner by E-studio
Freckles by Corvidophile
Stubble by Simple Life
Face make-up (eyebrows and eyelid) by me using Simple Life blush and Chaz skintone
Blush edited by me, original Paryun
Face make-up by Simple Life, Vivian
Lips by Pooklet
Sideburns by E13-1
Piercings b Rensim
Skintone blend by me, (using Glance, Jirka, Ephemera, Rensim)
Hair mesh by RaonSims
Top by Aikea-guinea
Trousers by Fishie, mesh Aikea-guinea

All meshes included


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