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Virtual Insanity Assorted Skintones

Hello! Apologies for still being late with uploading all the goods, i've been abit lazy and putting things off. But here is the start of everything to come.

This is a set of 14 random skinblends, some of my favourites that i've made over time, you will probably recognive a few of them because they have been uploaded with sims for the few of you that have some of my sims. I would suggest that if you do already have any of these skintones in your game to delete those from this download because the names have changed and you might end up with clones. Apologies for being so unorganised.

The colours range from very pale almost purple tones to pinks, peaches, golden and biscuit coloured skins. 3 of the skins also have freckles on them. Because these skins are quite randomly made I know that not all of them work for all ages, if this bothers you so much then feel free to edit anything anyway you like; but I mostly just wanted to share these skins with whoever might find a use for them.

The ingame pictures suck abit because I havent had time to take pictures of sims make-up less, but you get the idea of how they look on.

Credit List:

EDIT: for some reason initially Americas didn't show up in the download, so I've re-uploaded the files, you can either download everything again using the main link, or just get Americas seperatly here